Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

There are many different types of pickup trucks, with some being better for work and others more suited to recreation. The best pickup truck depends on what you’re looking for in a vehicle. Here’s an overview of the most popular types: 

Different Types of Pickup Trucks

Half Ton Pickups

These are smaller than other pickups but still offer plenty of power. They have a lower cost per mile though their fuel economy isn’t as good because they don’t have big engines like bigger vehicles do.

Full-Size Pickups

The larger size and increased payload capacity make these perfect for working or doing heavy lifting tasks that require extra strength such as hauling logs or moving furniture around your home garage.

Mid-Size Pickups

If you’re looking for good fuel economy on the highway, a pickup of this size is ideal because they have small engines that give you plenty of power while still being easy to maintain and keep running well.

Compact Pickups

If you do lots of commuting or are looking for something to help carry things over long distances, a pickup like this might be just right for you. They’re not quite as suited for heavy lifting and hauling but can hold a lot in their bed (trunk).


These have an extra set of wheels that allow them to drive up higher than other pickup trucks. This makes them better at weathering rough terrain and helps people who work in places where roads are rough or wet and want to keep their pickup trucks from getting stuck.

Crew Cab Pickups

These pickup trucks have four doors instead of two and more seating capacity so they work well for families or as pickup trucks with good cargo space, since you can get things like car seats installed in the back easily.

Mini-Pickup Trucks

These pickup trucks look like small pickup trucks but have low cost pickup truck parts that make them more affordable. They can also hold as much cargo as you need though they may be less suited to driving long distances over rough terrain.

Long-Bed Pickups

A pickup of this kind has a longer body than others which gives it the ability to haul even larger items. The only downside is that these pickup trucks can often times be difficult for inexperienced drivers to handle on small streets and tight corners due to their size.

4X4 Pickups

These are perfect for driving in places where the roads are rough or wet and there’s a lot of moisture around, since the extra wheels help give them better traction when they’re off road. These pickup trucks are built to keep your cargo safe and secure too so you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged when it’s in the bed of your vehicle.

Full-Size Utility Vans

A pickup like this is often used for work but can also be well suited as a pickup truck with good space for recreation and leisure activities. The excess space in these pickup truck bodies makes them ideal choices for people who need extra room or want to haul larger items with ease. 

Dual-Cab Pickup Trucks

This option is ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the driver’s seat because they have an additional cabin where backseat passengers can sit and stay comfortable on long drives or even enjoy an outdoor view without being right out on the road with everyone else.

Extended Cab Pickups

A pickup truck of this type has an interior cabin that’s spacious enough for a second row of seating. This makes it well suited for families who need pickup trucks with good cargo space and don’t want to have to choose between one or the other. These pickup trucks also often give you more legroom in the back seats so passengers can enjoy driving without having their legs cramped up against the door or anyone else sharing their seat.

Single-Cab Vans

These pickup trucks are great choices if you need pickup vans but aren’t looking to spend a lot on pickup truck parts because they’re built using cheaper materials than other pickup trucks are made from. They’re easy to drive but may not be ideal if you’re trying to carry heavy items because of the lower weight capacity.

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